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Computer-equipped mobility device

A computer linked to the network through a wireless connection is connected to a device like a scooter so that the user has two way access to pertinent documents, charts as well as answer phone calls and the  onboard computer can be partially controlled using buttons connected on the handlebar so that the mobility device … Read More

Dual Cooling Jets

Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet

A synthetic jet includes a first backer structure and a first actuator coupled to the first backer structure to form a first composite unit. The synthetic jet also includes a second backer structure, and a second actuator coupled to the second backer structure to form a second composite unit. A wall member is coupled to … Read More

Dual Cooling Jets

Synthetic jet actuators

A first embodiment of the present invention provides a vortex generator in the form of a flexible piezoelectric actuator blade disposed in a wall of a flowpath, such as an airfoil. Another embodiment provides a synthetic jet actuator in which a pair of bimorph piezoelectric plates are connected by a flexible hinge.   Advantage of … Read More

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